Sunday, 5 June 2011

*A Happy Ever After... Ending*

Today is the last day of my 21 Day Challenge. I say its the last day of the challenge but really its not. Its been a set period of time I told myself I would be accountable for what I ate and how much I exercised. I have been very much that and I managed to lose 5lbs. I'm more than happy with that number for a few reasons, I was ill this week and didn't manage the length or the type of exercise I was incorporating the previous too weeks as well as that I managed to twist my knee and have suffered with pain when ever I walk for the past four days. But even more important to me, regardless of being sick and injuring myself I still carried on. Yes, I may have been able to lose more, in fact I'm sure I could have lost more but I stuck to it. I got through those three weeks and realised I'm a much stronger person than what I thought I was. I've proven to myself that I can achieve something I set my mind to, I may encounter some hurdles some of which may be bigger than others but its possible. I realise that now. These three weeks has restored my own faith in myself and my ability.

So my 21 Day Challenge is pretty much finished but it's not only about the finish (in this case the finish line being the end of the challenge) I now have learned I am stronger, I am capable and I have faith in myself to achieve.

Now I'm focusing on the week to come. I've decided to stick to calorie counting and exercise, I saw my best results doing this and I felt the best results doing this.

Here's to next week!

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