Further Reading

I thought I would add this page so I could include any links, books, films, programmes, documentaries, advertisements or articles in which I come across and/or mention in my blog that may be of interest to others. Please note that these are my own honest opinions and I have not been requested nor paid for my time.

  • 'Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life' by Jillian Michaels - This book is extremely interesting and I would suggest it to anyone who is going through the process of changing their lifestyle or those who would like to find out more information. It has a great 'science' section and is full of great tips to lead a healthy lifestyle. I refer to this often.
  • 'How to Lose Weight Without Dieting: Be the Size You Want to be for Life' by Jessica Robbins - A great read that really gets your to question you actions (just like in The Biggest Loser). It has aided my understanding of thought processes and restructuring. The book is full a great tips and Robbins gives great detail of her own realisation which has helped to further my own. I would highly recommend this.
Note: If you as a company do not agree or approve of my opinions please contact me prior to suing my behind off and I gladly take the item in question down. That is all.