Thursday, 26 May 2011

*21 Day Challenge - Week 1 Completed*

I've come to the conclusion that my previous handful of posts aren't coming back. To be honest I'm not too disappointed as it was only the beginning of my journey but hey, I just need to move on. And that I will.

I've been trying to focus on my eat good and exercise challenge and I'm actually starting to really enjoy it. I haven't weighed myself so I don't know if I have lost any weight so far but I have noticed a change in my attitude and that is just as important to me than the weight side of it. Yes, I want to loose weight but its not just about getting to my goal weight its the changing of my approach and attitude to that goal and after it. It's not only about the finish line, it's about that part after as well so I'm delighted I have noticed that change.

Over the challenge to date I have tried a few ways to approaching my diet. I looked at just eating more wholesome foods for the first two days and then looked at calorie counting for the next two days. Don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting to swap between methods but I wanted to calorie count to establish my portion sizes and to acknowledge what foods had what calorie content. It was a bit of an eye opener seeing what I would consider a serving to what the book or packaging suggested was a serving. So that is definitely something I know I need to work on and I many use calorie counting to do it, I'm still unsure at the moment.

On the exercise front I've been dusting off a few things this week such as my resistance cords (these are wonderful if you have limited storage like myself) and a Wii games such as the Biggest Loser, Wii Fit Plus and Just Dance 2. I've certainly burned the odd calorie using these. Fantastic!

This coming week sees the middle of my 21 challenge. I'm looking forward to it for a number of reasons but mainly to see how my exercise progresses, will I be able to do an extra five minutes, an extra circuit or hold my position for longer? Those prospects excite.

And you never know, I may get my old posts back!

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  1. You are so right that a change in attitude is as important as weight loss. It's so easy to get hung up on the numbers on the scales, but a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing!